Subscription options

Unpellet regular (Includes shipping)


This is for a monthly subscription to our regular UnPellet.  Small is one 4 cup bag, medium is two of the small bags, and large 


Green Chunks (includes shipping)

Our green chunks were so popular in the UnPellet, that some people want to buy them separately.

Everyone loves the green chunks and some want to subscribe to JUST green chunks.  Do that here. 


Small bird UnPellet (plus shipping)


Smaller size pieces for smaller beaks.  Not almonds or pumpkin seeds, more small seedsl.  Photo shows size comparison to regular.  Now in the same size bags as regular UnPellet.


Every Other Month UnPellet or Green Chunks (includes shipping)


Because of changes in Paypal, every other month subscriptions will now bill you HALF every month and then ship every other month.  

Please email us and tell us whether this is for regular UnPellet, small bird UnPellet, or Green Chunks.


Snack of the Month Club (includes shipping)


Do you like to try different things for your bird? Don't want to let them get in a rut and afraid to try something new?  Sign up for our snack of the month club!  You will get two small bags of a different snack food every month.  Occasionally it might be one of our regular snacks but mostly we will be trying out something new and different.  Like our purple sweet potato teff sticks with flax seeds.  Yum!

If you already have a subscription and want to add this, postage will be less than if you get this as a stand alone subscription.  Both options below.    


Special Order UnPellet mix (regular) includes shipping

Subtract ingredients from our regular mix.

We have a minimum order of two large bags and a small additional fee because we have to mix yours separately.  Please say in notes area what you need changed.  


UnPellet (regular)- includes shipping

Every Other Month UnPellet- includes shipping

Snack of the Month Club- includes shipping

Special Order UnPellet (regular)- includes shipping

Green Chunks (includes shipping)

Small Bird UnPellet (includes shipping)