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Our history

Phoenix Foraging Rolls was founded in 2009.  Lucy learned how to make spring rolls from a friend and took some to a potluck.  She brought home the few that were left and put them in the refrigerator, partially covered with plastic wrap. The next day they had gotten hard. This gave her the idea to make dehydrated rolls for parrots as a healthy foraging snack.  A couple of years later, another parrot food company that made dry mixes went out of business and Lucy decided to expand her business. That is how the UnPellet was born!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to make healthy, nutritious parrot foods and snacks for your beloved pet.  Our foods are free from artificial coloring and flavoring, wheat, corn (except the heirloom purple corn in the UnPellet), and refined sugars.  We specialize in foods that can be used for foraging activities.

Our Staff

As much as we love Phoenix Foraging Rolls and are dedicated to making good foods for your birds, it has never supported anyone full time.  We do this part-time and hope you understand that we can't always respond and ship with the speed of a company like Amazon.  

Please don't wait until you are out of food and it is an emergency before ordering.  


Be notified of our sales and specials! We won't spam you. We don't send anything more than once/month and do not share emails with anyone else.

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We love our customers, and feel we know many of you personally.  But please keep in mind that we do this part-time and can't always respond immediately.  

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