UnPellet for Small Birds

This mix has many of the same ingredients as the regular UnPellet, but in smaller pieces. Slightly higher amounts of seeds and grains but no nuts or pumpkin seeds. For smaller birds or if you prefer smaller pieces to mix in with mash or fresh foods. INGREDIENTS: GREEN CHUNKS: Organic alfalfa leaf, dandelion leaf, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, flax seed, organic hemp seeds, organic milk thistle seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic lemon peel, rose hips, elder berries, organic sticky rice flour, tapioca, lemon grass, cinnamon, coconut oil, rosemary oil,ginger. OTHER GOODIES: leafy greens, organic black or brown rice, zucchini, bell peppers, celery,sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, mulberries, goji berries, cranberry, organic orange peel, hibiscus flowers, calendula, organic chamomile, mung beans, organic lentils, organic adzuki beans, coconut, star anise In the photo you see the regular UnPellet on the left and the small bird UnPellet on the right. Mini/small bag is one cup and larger one is four cups. Please note these are NOT the same sizes as our regular UnPellet comes in. The larger Small bird UnPellet is the same size as the small in the regular UnPellet.
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