Soft Shell Pine Nuts

These are seasonal. They are wild harvested and available in the fall through early winter. Soft shelled pine nuts are the perfect treat for smaller birds or birds that don't have strong enough beaks to crack open larger nuts. They still have the fun and enriching experience of having to shell the nut. These soft shell pine nuts can be broken between two fingers, so all birds should be able to open them. And they're not just for smaller birds, they are for ANY bird for variety or just to be pampered! It's a great nut treat without feeding them too much nut, if you are watching that, as for eclectus. High in protein, rich source of monounsaturated fats, Vitamin D, A, E and a good source of thiamin. Also, have lecithin. 4 oz shipped fresh in a paper wrapper. They need to be kept cool where they can "breathe." They have been wild harvested in Nevada for us and we only get them in once a year in the fall. They cost us $24/pound, but they are worth it! This is for 4 ounces. We have a VERY limited quantity this year. Limit two per customer. When they are gone, they are gone until next year.
Soft Shell Pine Nuts
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