Green Chunks

Green chunks are crispy and crunchy and parrots LOVE them. But they are not made of cheap grains and artificial colors and vitamins like most commercial pellets. They are made of nutritious greens, grains, seeds, etc. We think your parrot will love them, too! Small is our 4 cup size bag, large is 16. If you want to subscribe to get Green Chunks ordered monthly, go to: INGREDIENTS: GREEN CHUNKS: Organic Alfalfa leaf, dandelion leaf, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, flax seed powder, organic hemp seeds, organic milk thistle seeds, organic sesame seeds,organic lemon peel, rose hips, elder berries, mung bean starch, organic sticky rice flour, lemon grass, cinnamon, green calcium (hydrilla verticillata), montmorillonite clay, coconut oil, rosemary oil
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